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Fire Toolbar Icon Pack

fire toolbar icon pack

Add some fire to your application toolbar!

Fire Toolbar Icon Pack is just the thing to spice up your interface and make it look much more attractive and stylish. The set of icons has a bright color palette and is really wonderfully-crafted. Icons are available in different color depth and sizes.

fire toolbar icon pack - folder, up folder, open file, hot folder, save file, save as, save all, cut, copy, paste, redo, undo, refresh, refresh document, print, print preview, landscape, portrait, preview, magnifier, zoom in, zoom out, auto zoom, add, remove icon
fire toolbar icon pack - delete, yes, ok, red ok, no, cancel, no entry, stop, close, about, help, info, warning, okay, good mark, bad mark, back, forward, find, find next, find previous, new file, hot file, text file, destruction of documents icon
fire toolbar icon pack - picture file, sound file, video file, report, list, certification, table, hot table, tables, datasheet, datasheet v2, film, eye, hourglass, download, upload, earth, internet access, registration, keys, update password, lock, clear, edit, eraser icon
fire toolbar icon pack - objects, percent, question, text, sum, sorting a-z, sorting z-a, sorting 1-9, sorting 9-1, spell checking, chart, 3d bar chart, bar graph, pie chart, filter, mouse, red pin, properties, notes, rulers, set square, measure, screen settings, options, repair computer icon
fire toolbar icon pack - wrench, history, telephone, flash drive, silver flash drive, cd-disk, burn cd, altach, e-mail, mail, card file, calendar, newspaper, notepad, data, burn data, firewall, microsoft, money, burn money, dollar, euro, pound sterling, yen, favorites icon
fire toolbar icon pack - lightning, fire engine, fireman, fire, fire v2, flame, fire curl, full dustbin, empty dustbin, burn dustbin, empty trash can, full trash can, burn trash can, disaster, home, turn off icon

Icon images:

Folder, Up folder, Open file, Hot folder, Save file, Save as, Save all, Cut, Copy, Paste, Redo, Undo, Refresh, Refresh document, Print, Print preview, Landscape, Portrait, Preview, Magnifier, Zoom in, Zoom out, Auto zoom, Add, Remove, Delete, Yes, OK, Red OK, No, Cancel, No entry, Stop, Close, About, Help, Info, Warning, Okay, Good mark, Bad mark, Back, Forward, Find, Find next, Find previous, New file, Hot file, Text file, Destruction of documents, Picture file, Sound file, Video file, Report, List, Certification, Table, Hot table, Tables, Datasheet, Datasheet v2, Film, Eye, Hourglass, Download, Upload, Earth, Internet access, Registration, Keys, Update password, Lock, Clear, Edit, Eraser, Objects, Percent, Question, Text, Sum, Sorting A-Z, Sorting Z-A, Sorting 1-9, Sorting 9-1, Spell checking, Chart, 3d bar chart, Bar graph, Pie chart, Filter, Mouse, Red pin, Properties, Notes, Rulers, Set square, Measure, Screen settings, Options, Repair computer, Wrench, History, Telephone, Flash drive, Silver flash drive, CD-disk, Burn CD, Altach, E-mail, Mail, Card file, Calendar, Newspaper, Notepad, Data, Burn data, Firewall, Microsoft, Money, Burn money, Dollar, Euro, Pound sterling, Yen, Favorites, Lightning, Fire engine, Fireman, Fire, Fire v2, Flame, Fire curl, Full dustbin, Empty dustbin, Burn dustbin, Empty trash can, Full trash can, Burn trash can, Disaster, Home, Turn off

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Enhance your own apps when using the snazziest of icons

Get your hands on some of super cool designs designed by gurus. Using the appropriate blend of coloration collaboration plus graphic information, these symbols have the capability to lend extra edge for a software considering MS Windows Phone 7 os.

When you are styling an software among the most typical conditions that you could encounter is the one about receiving the correct type of images to bring an aura of appearance to it. For this specific purpose you might need best design in addition to icons which have been synchronized with all the back end as well as the ui, which usually as you may properly know is challenging to achieve.

It requires hrs of finely-detailed work to draw and finalise a shot, so when you need a huge selection of this sort of visuals the particular utter time required to accomplish the task could be huge, a case in point which when an individual finalise all of them and therefore are wanting to add them, the particular app can have misplaced some if not all of the overall appeal. That is the reason the reason why the best of website developers are generally turning to most of these pre-developed in a position to utilize symbols you could easily combine within the software.

Now you can securely focus on the back end of the computer software with these easy to use icons. Accessible in the actual PNG data format, the dimensions of these types of designs are 48 by forty eight pixels together with interior visuals which are set in the particular heart of your twenty-six by 26 pixels square. The particular snazzy manner of the particular representation of these means they are incredibly entertaining and easy to understand, whilst creating the software simple to use it provides the buyer a sense of comfort and ease. Most of these symbols are specifically compatible with your Windows 8 operating system and also WP7 are available inside of a pair of 823 one of a kind artwork which are, as said before, ready to be added to the software package. The most effective characteristic have to be the huge degrees of shades they come in, you can receive all of these amazing icons in up to 14 colorings including red, blue, green along with the far more unusual silver plus grey, and the typical grayscale.

Anything that you need for the mobile manager is actually right here. Through this set up you can get icons for any common instrument you'll find on your own desktop, just like file, open message, link etc., above these you have access to numerous formerly un-conceived along with seldom used graphics, for example a turtle image as well as a bird symbol. One of my favourite is a photo of a small front door with an arrow directing inwards which often can be utilized to indicate a login, and also a related picture along with the arrow pointing outwards implying a logout. 823 of these easy and descriptive photos will be ready to be applied, all that you should do is to is to purchase these right here, download and you're simply ready to work with them to your benefit. Attempting to keep this uncomplicated even though edging in the direction of that further amount of niftiness could be the call of the day, so why put forward a unexciting and complex app when you can actually get this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 141
  • Price: $99.00

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    About Fire Toolbar Icon Pack

    Fire Toolbar Icon Pack is a solution when you are tired of bland standard interface and seek something that can improve its look. This beautiful icon set is created to ornament your workspace with a bright color palette where red, yellow and flame colors are prevalent. The competently matched colors of icons will exert a positive influence on your efficiency as you enjoy the fact that you are working with vivid and encouraging interface.

    The creators of Fire Toolbar Icon Pack have worked their best to provide it with superb quality and style, each and every icon is a real eye candy. You will certainly appreciate the enhancement of your interface made by the icon set as your workspace will start looking really spectacular. With Fire Toolbar Icon Pack your interface will shine with the captivating colors of fire element.

    These wonderfully-crafted icons can be delivered to you in such sizes as 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128 and 256x256. They are available in 256 colors and in True Color with semi-transparency so you can select the size and color depth that fits you the best. Icons are truly fine-looking and of high-quality, they'll benefit anyone who wants to give a new fresh look to the interface.

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