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Desktop Building Icon Pack

desktop building icon pack

Building icons for your desktop and apps

A collection of 3D icons representing buildings, houses and various architecture objects of city infrastructure, Desktop Building Icon Pack are here to help design the look and feel of a perfect architectural planning or mapping suite.

desktop building icon pack - building, buildings, brick buildings, commercial building, house, tall house, brick house, small house, school, university, fire patrol, home, hotel, bank, cafe, telecom, shop, retail shop, market, skyscrapers, office, company, commercial, multistorey buildings, multistorey building icon
desktop building icon pack - megalopolis, city, bedroom community, condominium, atomic plant, coal power plant, industry, plant, factory, theater, government, pentagon, police station, police, church, chemical plant, stadium, hospital, municipal hospital, medical store, drugstore, hospital building, law court, labs, property icon
desktop building icon pack - storehouse, warehouse, farm, trash, atm, store, palm, tree, usa flag, wind vane, weathercock, billboard, traffic lights, crossroad, road, railway, bridge, tunnel, closed barrier, open barrier, subway, airport, fuel, mail box, oil tank icon
desktop building icon pack - tower, grave, datacenter, mail, television, radio transmitter, tangent tower, satellite antenna, taxi, excavator, building construction, construction, house building, brick wall, tent, location, exit, ecology, home page, new year tree icon

Icon images:

Building, Buildings, Brick buildings, Commercial building, House, Tall house, Brick house, Small house, School, University, Fire patrol, Home, Hotel, Bank, Cafe, Telecom, Shop, Retail shop, Market, Skyscrapers, Office, Company, Commercial, Multistorey buildings, Multistorey building, Megalopolis, City, Bedroom community, Condominium, Atomic plant, Coal power plant, Industry, Plant, Factory, Theater, Government, Pentagon, Police station, Police, Church, Chemical plant, Stadium, Hospital, Municipal hospital, Medical store, Drugstore, Hospital building, Law court, Labs, Property, Storehouse, Warehouse, Farm, Trash, ATM, Store, Palm, Tree, USA flag, Wind vane, Weathercock, Billboard, Traffic lights, Crossroad, Road, Railway, Bridge, Tunnel, Closed barrier, Open barrier, Subway, Airport, Fuel, Mail box, Oil tank, Tower, Grave, Datacenter, Mail, Television, Radio transmitter, Tangent tower, Satellite antenna, Taxi, Excavator, Building construction, Construction, House building, Brick wall, Tent, Location, Exit, Ecology, Home page, New Year Tree

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When you are making an application one of many most typical problems that you will bump into is that of receiving the right kind of design to lend an aura of looks for it. For this purpose you're looking for ideal visuals along with icons which can be synchronized together with the back end together with the gui, which often as you may effectively understand is challenging to achieve.

It will take hrs of precision work to draw as well as complete one picture, when you need countless these types of illustrations or photos the utter moment needed to accomplish the task would be enormous, so much so that when you actually complete all of them and are prepared to put all of them, the actual software might have dropped a handful of if not completely of the appeal. That's the reason exactly why the very best of software engineers now are checking out most of these pre-developed equipped to use symbols you could quickly include through the app.

Now you can safely and securely concentrate on the back end on the application with one of these ease-of-use symbols. Obtainable in the particular PNG data formatting, the figures on these types of designs are generally forty-eight by forty eight pixels alongside interior artwork which can be set in the particular centre of a twenty-six by twenty six pixels sq. The snazzy means of the particular rendering of these means they are extremely entertaining and simple to understand, while making the software user-friendly and uncomplicated it provides customer a sense of comfort. These types of designs are specially compatible with the MS Windows 8 main system and WP7 are available in a very list of 823 specific illustrations or photos which may be, as mentioned previously, ready to be added to the app. The ideal function would need to be the huge amounts of colors these come in, you will get these wonderful symbols in up to 14 colorings along with red, blue, green and also the a lot more uncommon silver along with grey, also, the traditional white and black.

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Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 95
  • Price: $49.95

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    About Desktop Building Icon Pack

    A collection of 3D (isometric projection) icons depicting various objects of city infrastructure, Desktop Building Icon Pack are here to help design the look and feel of a perfect architectural planning or mapping suite. Desktop Building Icon Pack make for a perfect city map when assembled together. Landscapers and architects, students and city planners can benefit from using Desktop Building Icon Pack by expressing the perfect styling. Products using Desktop Building Icon Pack look professional and unique, and have a three-dimensional look and feel without having to use 3D acceleration or programming.

    Inside the package, there are icons that depict typical objects of city architecture such as Megapolis, Bedroom Community, Chemical Plant, Warehouse, Tunnel, Brick Building, Factory, Church, School, Drug Store, Market, Fire Brigade, and many other images. There are over 50 icons in the pack. You can literally plan the whole city by using nothing more than this set!

    Isometric projection makes it possible for the user to create three-dimensional axonometric projections of city blocks or the whole city, looking similar to projection used by simulators such as SimCity. Desktop Building Icon Pack scale well thanks to the wide variety of available sizes and resolutions. 16x16 pixel icons make is possible fitting districts and block onto the small computer screen or using a PDA to hold maps, while 256x256 versions make wonderful enlargements and look crystal clear when printed. Zooming in small increments is possible as Desktop Building Icon Pack come in all sizes of 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 256x256 pixels.

    Desktop Building Icon Pack are supplied in multiple states: Normal, Hot and Disabled, in a True Color mode with a semi-transparency channel. All icons are available in Windows Icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP) and PNG formats. Source files are available in Corel Draw format.

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