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Database Toolbar Icon Pack

database toolbar icon pack

Sleek toolbar icons for database applications

Database applications don't have to be boring! Database Toolbar Icon Pack is a set of over two hundred royalty-free stock images representing various database concepts, symbols and actions. Use them to make your toolbar stylish and easy to use.

database toolbar icon pack - blue cube, database, db, data source, data set, client data set, sql, sql query, update sql, query results, run sql, stored proc, sql monitor, nested table, decision source, decision grid, decision pivot, decision query, decision graph, decision cube, batch move, merge tables, new database, copy database, add record, remove record, edit record, first record, last record, previous record icon
database toolbar icon pack - next record, edit record - green, first record - green, last record - green, previous record - green, next record - green, database security, locked database, unlocked database, apply database, undo database, redo database, delete record, relations, copy record, link database, database settings, database configuration, database access, search data, database info, remote database, db events, data destruction, session, transaction, dataset provider, web connection, object broker, socket connection icon
database toolbar icon pack - first, prior, next, last, edit, add, post, remove, delete, erase, close, turn off, no, no entry, cancel, stop, abort, terminate, apply, yes, tick, closed folder, folder, find in folder, open file, documents, upload, download, shared folder, save file icon
database toolbar icon pack - save as, save, save table, cut, copy, paste, paste from clipboard, clipboard, undo, redo, refresh, update, back, go forward, go back, pointer, warning, error, info, about, ok, query, support, question, comment, print preview, printer, clear, modify, empty dustbin icon
database toolbar icon pack - full dustbin, cd, burn cd, grid, table, tables, datasheet, datasheets, edit table, new document, edit document, preview document, refresh document, list, lists, scroll list, export text, import text, form, forms, order form, report, reports, blank, blanks, price list, properties, notes, web site, sorting 9-1 icon
database toolbar icon pack - sorting 1-9, sorting a-z, sorting z-a, book, books, library, help, address book, book of record, case history, card file, card index, open card index, card, cards, mail, brief case, 3d bar chart, 3d bar graph, bar graph, chart, graph, pie chart, constraints, key, access key, keys, key copy, secrecy, lock icon
database toolbar icon pack - unlock, open lock, local security policy, registration, finger-print, repair, pinion, configuration, tools, settings, check options, check boxes, pin, filter, filters, data, no data, registry, balance, search, find, find next, find previous, tip of the day, keyboard, computer, find on computer, data transmission, server synchronization, restore icon
database toolbar icon pack - backup, computer access, phone support, network group, monitor and phone, pc-web synchronization, pc-pda synchronization, server, data server, login, open barrier, close barrier, pack, unpack, archive, calendar, week, clock, history, schedule, date and time, barrier schedule, e-mail, dollar, money, credit card, credit cards, payment, pay, sum icon
database toolbar icon pack - percent, flow block, delivery, ambulance car, hand cart, shopping cart, product basket, book-keeping, calculator, cash register, sales register, barcode scanner, barcode scanning, barcode, telephone, phone receiver, phone, phones, phone number, fax, network connection, handshake, signature, user, users, user group, user login, user logout, locked user, locked users icon
database toolbar icon pack - ignore user, admin, security, customer, customers, client, clients, client list, appointment, police-officer, internet application, internet access, earth, globe, navigator, objects, component, close door, open door, exit, home, share, results icon

Icon images:

Blue cube, Database, DB, Data source, Data set, Client data set, SQL, SQL query, Update SQL, Query results, Run SQL, Stored proc, SQL Monitor, Nested table, Decision source, Decision grid, Decision pivot, Decision query, Decision graph, Decision cube, Batch move, Merge tables, New database, Copy database, Add Record, Remove record, Edit record, First record, Last record, Previous record, Next record, Edit record - green, First record - green, Last record - green, Previous record - green, Next record - green, Database security, Locked database, Unlocked database, Apply database, Undo database, Redo database, Delete record, Relations, Copy record, Link database, Database settings, Database configuration, Database access, Search data, Database info, Remote database, DB events, Data destruction, Session, Transaction, Dataset provider, Web connection, Object broker, Socket connection, First, Prior, Next, Last, Edit, Add, Post, Remove, Delete, Erase, Close, Turn off, No, No entry, Cancel, Stop, Abort, Terminate, Apply, Yes, Tick, Closed folder, Folder, Find in folder, Open file, Documents, Upload, Download, Shared folder, Save file, Save as, Save, Save table, Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste from clipboard, Clipboard, Undo, Redo, Refresh, Update, Back, Go forward, Go back, Pointer, Warning, Error, Info, About, OK, Query, Support, Question, Comment, Print preview, Printer, Clear, Modify, Empty dustbin, Full dustbin, CD, Burn CD, Grid, Table, Tables, Datasheet, Datasheets, Edit table, New document, Edit document, Preview document, Refresh document, List, Lists, Scroll list, Export text, Import text, Form, Forms, Order form, Report, Reports, Blank, Blanks, Price list, Properties, Notes, Web site, Sorting 9-1, Sorting 1-9, Sorting A-Z, Sorting Z-A, Book, Books, Library, Help, Address book, Book of record, Case history, Card file, Card index, Open card index, Card, Cards, Mail, Brief case, 3d bar chart, 3d bar graph, Bar graph, Chart, Graph, Pie chart, Constraints, Key, Access key, Keys, Key copy, Secrecy, Lock, Unlock, Open lock, Local security policy, Registration, Finger-print, Repair, Pinion, Configuration, Tools, Settings, Check options, Check boxes, Pin, Filter, Filters, Data, No data, Registry, Balance, Search, Find, Find next, Find previous, Tip of the day, Keyboard, Computer, Find on computer, Data transmission, Server synchronization, Restore, Backup, Computer access, Phone support, Network group, Monitor and phone, PC-Web synchronization, PC-PDA synchronization, Server, Data server, Login, Open barrier, Close barrier, Pack, Unpack, Archive, Calendar, Week, Clock, History, Schedule, Date and time, Barrier schedule, E-mail, Dollar, Money, Credit card, Credit cards, Payment, Pay, Sum, Percent, Flow block, Delivery, Ambulance car, Hand cart, Shopping cart, Product basket, Book-keeping, Calculator, Cash register, Sales register, Barcode scanner, Barcode scanning, Barcode, Telephone, Phone receiver, Phone, Phones, Phone number, Fax, Network connection, Handshake, Signature, User, Users, User group, User login, User logout, Locked user, Locked users, Ignore user, Admin, Security, Customer, Customers, Client, Clients, Client list, Appointment, Police-officer, Internet application, Internet access, Earth, Globe, Navigator, Objects, Component, Close door, Open door, Exit, Home, Share, Results

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Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 293
  • Price: $129.95

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    About Database Toolbar Icon Pack

    Database applications don't have to be boring! Enhance the appearance of your database with slick, modern icons. Database Toolbar Icon Pack is a set of over two hundred images that depict various database concepts, symbols and actions. Records and Databases, Adding and Removing, Data and Documents, Reporting and Filtering are just a few icons to name.

    Technically, you are getting a full run for your money. Database Toolbar Icon Pack come in a variety of formats, sizes and color resolutions. 8-bit and true color, normal, disabled and highlighted states, 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixel sizes and ICO, BMP, GIF, and PNG formats are all supplied with you order.

    Why outsourcing your icons and risking the deadline when you can get a matching set of professionally crafted, hand-made icons for less? The whole set of Database Toolbar Icon Pack in all of the formats, sizes and resolutions is readily available for less than fifty dollars, making the set a real bargain for any database developer.

    Stand out of the crowd by giving pretty looks to your database application! Develop one of the few databases that are not boring to look at with Database Toolbar Icon Pack. Fitting the right icons is not an easy task when developing a database. Data-related applications put specific requirements on the graphics, and require icons that are not commonly available in generic sets of icons. While icons representing Databases or Blue Cubes are widely available, something more specific such as a Single Filter or Multiple Filters, Single Form and Multiple Forms, Database Access, Remote Database, Relations, and Record Navigation are rarely available. Database Toolbar Icon Pack have all of these symbols and many more drawn consistently in a matching style.

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