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Business Windows 7 Icon Pack

business windows 7 icon pack

A set of business icons drawn in Windows 7 style

Business Windows 7 Icon Pack is a ready-made design solution, which is well suited for a variety of business websites and applications. This set comes in all standard sizes in 256 and 32-bit color with transparency and in 4 file formats.

business windows 7 icon pack - dollar, money, credit card, credit cards, coin, coins, cash, exchange, price list, travel industry, tourist industry, tourist business, credit, insurance, atm, empty atm, atm loading, low cash atm, lost communications, casino, world, earth, globe, web, online contacts icon
business windows 7 icon pack - place selection, zoom place, zoom, recycling, compass, compass needle, hotel stars, company, bank, hotel, hotels, industry, home, property, city, road, railway, airport, transport, air tickets, liner, flights, add flight, plane, airline icon
business windows 7 icon pack - airplane, satellite, helicopter, rocket, parachute, ship, boat, yacht, sail, train, tank wagon, freight car, freight container, subway, bus, red bus, delivery, cargo, lorry, panel truck, tow truck, crane truck, forklift truck, tank truck, wheeled tractor icon
business windows 7 icon pack - catterpillar tractor, excavator, motorcycle, utility atv, ambulance car, taxi, car, cars, jeep, silver car, cabriolet, pick-up, laden pick-up, hummer, police car, automobile loan, rent a car, car guard, car buyer, automobile loan interest payment, car repair, find car, car utilization, auto insurance, car key icon
business windows 7 icon pack - car keys, customers, key, user, woman, users, user group, favourites, clock, history, schedule, gauge, time management, search, search v2, find, tip of the day, bulb, energy, switch, turn off, no, turn off button, hibernate, restart icon
business windows 7 icon pack - save, load data, save data, gears, gear, red gear, options, settings, calendar, newspaper, address book, help book, brief case, database, statistics, 3d graph, 3d bar chart, pie chart, card file, case history, reports, notes, properties, signature, desktop icon
business windows 7 icon pack - data synchronization, data transmission, printer, calculator, cash register, check out cart, shopping cart, hand cart, baby carriage, box, laden pallet, empty pallet, loading, unloading, buyer bag, passport, phone support, phone, office phone, mobile phone, voip, shield, medical insurance, first aid, baggage icon
business windows 7 icon pack - food, shoes, furniture, armchair, musical instruments, equipment, trip, lobster, e-mail, question, problem, multiple problems, registered problem, out of service, mail, write e-mail, mail delivery, web page, house, realty, home page, home page v2, closed door, open door, exit icon
business windows 7 icon pack - logout icon

Icon images:

Dollar, Money, Credit card, Credit cards, Coin, Coins, Cash, Exchange, Price list, Travel industry, Tourist industry, Tourist business, Credit, Insurance, ATM, Empty ATM, ATM loading, Low cash ATM, Lost communications, Casino, World, Earth, Globe, Web, Online contacts, Place selection, Zoom place, Zoom, Recycling, Compass, Compass needle, Hotel stars, Company, Bank, Hotel, Hotels, Industry, Home, Property, City, Road, Railway, Airport, Transport, Air tickets, Liner, Flights, Add flight, Plane, Airline, Airplane, Satellite, Helicopter, Rocket, Parachute, Ship, Boat, Yacht, Sail, Train, Tank wagon, Freight car, Freight container, Subway, Bus, Red bus, Delivery, Cargo, Lorry, Panel truck, Tow truck, Crane truck, Forklift truck, Tank truck, Wheeled tractor, Catterpillar tractor, Excavator, Motorcycle, Utility ATV, Ambulance car, Taxi, Car, Cars, Jeep, Silver car, Cabriolet, Pick-up, Laden pick-up, Hummer, Police car, Automobile loan, Rent a car, Car guard, Car buyer, Automobile loan interest payment, Car repair, Find car, Car utilization, Auto insurance, Car key, Car keys, Customers, Key, User, Woman, Users, User group, Favourites, Clock, History, Schedule, Gauge, Time management, Search, Search v2, Find, Tip of the day, Bulb, Energy, Switch, Turn off, No, Turn off button, Hibernate, Restart, Save, Load data, Save data, Gears, Gear, Red gear, Options, Settings, Calendar, Newspaper, Address book, Help book, Brief case, Database, Statistics, 3d graph, 3d bar chart, Pie chart, Card file, Case history, Reports, Notes, Properties, Signature, Desktop, Data synchronization, Data transmission, Printer, Calculator, Cash register, Check out cart, Shopping cart, Hand cart, Baby carriage, Box, Laden pallet, Empty pallet, Loading, Unloading, Buyer bag, Passport, Phone support, Phone, Office phone, Mobile phone, VOIP, Shield, Medical insurance, First aid, Baggage, Food, Shoes, Furniture, Armchair, Musical instruments, Equipment, Trip, Lobster, E-mail, Question, Problem, Multiple problems, Registered problem, Out of service, Mail, Write e-mail, Mail delivery, Web page, House, Realty, Home page, Home page v2, Closed door, Open door, Exit, Logout

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Enhance your softwares using the snazziest of designs

Get a hold of a few out of this world symbols produced by pros. Considering the appropriate combination of coloration mix and graphic content, these types of designs are capable to provide an additional advantage to your software package based upon MS Windows Phone 7 operating-system.

When you find yourself making an software package among the most general conditions that you may come upon is that of getting the right kind of images to give an aura of overall look for it. For this reason you may want perfect design plus designs which might be synchronized together with the business logic as well as the user interface, which usually as you may well realize is challenging to accomplish.

It will take time of finely-detailed work to sketch plus complete 1 picture, then when you require hundreds of these kinds of artwork the particular sheer moment necessary to get the job done could be substantial, so much in fact that the time a person complete them and they are ready to add them, the actual software package can have dropped a handful of if not all of the appeal. That's the reason why the best of programmers are now checking out most of these pre-developed in a position to utilize symbols you could easily combine in the application.

Anyone can safely and securely concentrate on the back-end of your application with these ease-of-use icons. For sale in the actual PNG data formatting, the figures on all of these designs are forty eight by 48 pixels together with inner design which have been set in the particular center of a twenty six by twenty six pixels sq .. The snazzy method of the actual portrayal for these means they are pretty fun and simple to discover, when helping to make the app user-friendly and uncomplicated it provides customer an understanding of coziness. These types of icons are particularly suitable for your MS Windows 8 os and also WP7 and are available in the pair of 823 specific images which may be, as mentioned earlier, ready to be contributed to the software. The most effective feature have to be the broad amounts of hues they come in, you can receive all these incredible icons in as many as 14 hues including red, blue, green along with the much more unusual silver and also grey, along with the standard white and black.

Something that you might want for the mobile organizer is on this page. Through this set you'll find icons for virtually any usual instrument you will probably find on your own desktop, like folder, open message, link and so forth., more than all of these you can get a lot of previously un-conceived and also untouched photos, such as a turtle image as well as a bird image. One among my favourite is really a picture of an small entrance with the arrow directed inwards which often can be utilized to mean a logon, in addition to a similar picture along with the arrow directed outwards implying a logout. 823 of such easy and detailed photos will be ready to be taken, all you need to do will be to is to purchase them right here, download and install and then you're ready to work with them to your benefit. Keeping it straightforward even while edging in the direction of that extra little bit of niftiness will be the call of the day, so why recommend a drab and complicated app when it's possible to get it.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 201
  • Price: $99.00

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    About Business Windows 7 Icon Pack

    Business Windows 7 Icon Pack introduces a splendid icon collection well-suited for websites and software applications associated with all sorts of business activities. The set contains icons depicting various business-related matters, such as commerce, means of communication, different types of transport, customer relations, etc. The icons are carefully drawn in a Vista-like manner, which helps to give your project a modern, friendly look. When the market is full of rivals and time is short, Business Windows 7 Icon Pack is a great ready-made solution that'll give you a competitive edge based on visual attractiveness of your project.

    A single glance is enough to be inspired by the quality of these marvelous icons. If you want to make a good impression on the target audience, Business Windows 7 Icon Pack is what you need. The icons are refined in every detail and will be a true adornment for any project. The icon set comes in all standard sizes, including 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128 and 256x256. The icons are available in 256 colors and 32-bit True Color (16.7 million colors with transparency). They can be delivered in one of the following formats of your choice: ICO, PNG, GIF and BMP. Business Windows 7 Icon Pack is ideal for designing a professional website for your enterprise, as well as creating classy looking interfaces for business applications.

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