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Business Software Icon Pack

business software icon pack

Many icons related to commerce and finance

Business Software Icon Pack presents an impressive collection of XP-style icons for bookkeeping software and alike. The set is of fine quality and encompasses the whole world of finance. Icons are provided in all standard sizes in 256 and 32-bit color.

business software icon pack - folder, open file, save file, floppy disk, green dollar, dollar, euro, pound sterling, yen, dollars, money, banknote, bundle, cash, coin, coins, dollar coin, euro coin, pound coin, yen coin, one coin, money bag, account id, burn money, capital gains icon
business software icon pack - credit, income, exchange, purchase, buy, trade, interest on deposit, tax, automobile loan interest payment, fire damage, repair costs, automobile loan, personal loan, mortgage loan, real estate, mortgage loan interest payment, tourist business, bookie, mastercard, visa card, credit card, credit cards, piggy-bank, purse, finances icon
business software icon pack - bankruptcy, cheque, atm, bank, safe, diamond, gift, auction, price list, money folder, money turnover, earnings, earnings v2, handshake, handshake v2, percent, sum, brief case, book-keeping, camcorder, camera, calculator, card terminal, cash register, confirm orders icon
business software icon pack - cellphone, cell phone, telephone receiver, phone, telephone, fax, computer, desktop, monitor and phone, phone support, voip, visual communication, internet company, locked notebook, find in computer, find in folder, search, zoom, data transmission, server synchronization, circulation, update, info, query, about icon
business software icon pack - print, preview, empty document, text document, list, items, new item, edit document, event manager, order form, statement, query runner, create order, calendar, week, period end, form, forms, web site, datasheet, table, tables, stick, notes, contracts icon
business software icon pack - blanks, object manager, order analisis, edit prices, credit report, web page, new stake, export stakes, stake calculation, calc stakes, view stakes, message, edit message, write e-mail, documents, shredder, empty dustbin, full dustbin, edit, pen, signature, signature v2, properties, properties v2, time icon
business software icon pack - timer, clock, alarm clock, history, schedule, compass, gauge, time management, basket, red basket, full basket, shopping cart, check out cart, hand cart, handbag, buyer bag, bar-code, bar-code scanner, certificate, passport, medical insurance, shield and swords, protection, head, boss icon
business software icon pack - appointment, financier, managers, marketer, motor mechanic, driver, postman, realtor, client list, accountant, clients, customers, conference, police-officer, detective, prisoner, thief, no, ok, e-mail, letter, mail box, empty mail box, courier, air ticket icon
business software icon pack - airplane, car, ambulance car, blue car, red car, hammer, jeep, bulldozer, delivery, tank wagon, freight car, truck crane, crane truck, accept auto transactions, order tracking, storage rate maintenance, traffic lights, metal barrel, pipe-line, road, railway, goods, box, pallet, medical store icon
business software icon pack - baggage, increase, recession, up, down, 3d graph, bar graph, 3d bar chart, bar chart, pie chart, configuration, equipment, options, flow block, tip of the day, database, database access, filter, lock, unlock, open lock, key, key copy, keys, car key icon
business software icon pack - car keys, login, login v2, tag, stamp, mallet, pin, newspaper, book, account books, library, address book, help book, book of record, card file, card index, open card index, blue box, balance, scales, trading, city, building, hotel, home icon
business software icon pack - brick house, realty, property, disaster, industry, petroleum industry, building construction, battery, forum, insurance, food, coffee, glass, wine, beverage, handcuffs, themis, finder print, finger-print scanning, finger-print scanning v2, finger-print scanner, peak-cap, casino, probability, coconut tree icon
business software icon pack - genealogy, death, recycling, globe, web, earth, closed door, open door, door, exit icon

Icon images:

Folder, Open file, Save file, Floppy disk, Green dollar, Dollar, Euro, Pound sterling, Yen, Dollars, Money, Banknote, Bundle, Cash, Coin, Coins, Dollar coin, Euro coin, Pound coin, Yen coin, One coin, Money bag, Account ID, Burn money, Capital gains, Credit, Income, Exchange, Purchase, Buy, Trade, Interest on deposit, Tax, Automobile loan interest payment, Fire damage, Repair costs, Automobile loan, Personal loan, Mortgage loan, Real estate, Mortgage loan interest payment, Tourist business, Bookie, Mastercard, VISA card, Credit card, Credit cards, Piggy-bank, Purse, Finances, Bankruptcy, Cheque, ATM, Bank, Safe, Diamond, Gift, Auction, Price list, Money folder, Money turnover, Earnings, Earnings v2, Handshake, Handshake v2, Percent, Sum, Brief case, Book-keeping, Camcorder, Camera, Calculator, Card terminal, Cash register, Confirm orders, Cellphone, Cell phone, Telephone receiver, Phone, Telephone, Fax, Computer, Desktop, Monitor and phone, Phone support, VOIP, Visual communication, Internet company, Locked notebook, Find in computer, Find in folder, Search, Zoom, Data transmission, Server synchronization, Circulation, Update, Info, Query, About, Print, Preview, Empty document, Text document, List, Items, New item, Edit document, Event manager, Order form, Statement, Query runner, Create order, Calendar, Week, Period end, Form, Forms, Web site, Datasheet, Table, Tables, Stick, Notes, Contracts, Blanks, Object manager, Order analisis, Edit prices, Credit report, Web page, New stake, Export stakes, Stake calculation, Calc stakes, View stakes, Message, Edit message, Write e-mail, Documents, Shredder, Empty dustbin, Full dustbin, Edit, Pen, Signature, Signature v2, Properties, Properties v2, Time, Timer, Clock, Alarm clock, History, Schedule, Compass, Gauge, Time management, Basket, Red basket, Full basket, Shopping cart, Check out cart, Hand cart, Handbag, Buyer bag, Bar-code, Bar-code scanner, Certificate, Passport, Medical insurance, Shield and swords, Protection, Head, Boss, Appointment, Financier, Managers, Marketer, Motor mechanic, Driver, Postman, Realtor, Client list, Accountant, Clients, Customers, Conference, Police-officer, Detective, Prisoner, Thief, No, OK, E-mail, Letter, Mail box, Empty mail box, Courier, Air ticket, Airplane, Car, Ambulance car, Blue car, Red car, Hammer, Jeep, Bulldozer, Delivery, Tank wagon, Freight car, Truck crane, Crane truck, Accept auto transactions, Order tracking, Storage rate maintenance, Traffic lights, Metal barrel, Pipe-line, Road, Railway, Goods, Box, Pallet, Medical store, Baggage, Increase, Recession, Up, Down, 3d graph, Bar graph, 3d bar chart, Bar chart, Pie chart, Configuration, Equipment, Options, Flow block, Tip of the day, Database, Database access, Filter, Lock, Unlock, Open lock, Key, Key copy, Keys, Car key, Car keys, Login, Login v2, Tag, Stamp, Mallet, Pin, Newspaper, Book, Account books, Library, Address book, Help book, Book of record, Card file, Card index, Open card index, Blue box, Balance, Scales, Trading, City, Building, Hotel, Home, Brick house, Realty, Property, Disaster, Industry, Petroleum industry, Building construction, Battery, Forum, Insurance, Food, Coffee, Glass, Wine, Beverage, Handcuffs, Themis, Finder print, Finger-print scanning, Finger-print scanning v2, Finger-print scanner, Peak-cap, Casino, Probability, Coconut tree, Genealogy, Death, Recycling, Globe, Web, Earth, Closed door, Open door, Door, Exit

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Maximize the program experience with aero tool bar symbols

Even the most innovative of applications sometimes will lose out on widespread community attraction that they warrant as a result of underperforming screen, ensure you steer clear of that small hindrance by using the super cool aero tool bar icons.

Building the suitable ui isn't a super easy task, immense level of work normally enters into organizing and even utilizing the actual interface to accommodate the standard demands along with operation the software fulfils and sustain that synchronization with the customer base. Youngsters may find a monotonous and simple gui to generally be monotonous even while if you find yourself setting up a website that serves top of the range small business men playing around along with way too many colorations and also flash photos may well backfire. It is extremely important to hit the actual suitable equilibrium, such aero tool bar symbols strive to make your venture a whole lot of less complicated.

All these eye-catching designs are best for software development and they are appropriate for any kind of app you could be creating ms windows, macintosh OS, iOS or perhaps Android operating systems. You can now depict many of the usual elements for instance redo, undo, back, forward, refresh, zoom in, zoom out and anything else you will probably fathom with the aid of these types of vivid and trendy symbols. In addition to that you have quite a few cool icons just like ones for web-cam, scanner, audio features, cell phone, diary, know-how or anything else., it can be practically just as if the developers lay down to think of everything else you could actually want in the future and spent the time off to manufacture them.

The whole arrangement provides 281 symbols in total are available in many types not to mention ICO, PNG, BMP in addition to GIF. You don't have to await with regard to many months along the way of deploying the application for the reason that these images are all around in matter of days and this in the process in fully deployable state. Coming in five various sizes, you can get them in 256 x 256, forty eight x forty eight, thirty-two x 32, 24 x twenty-four and sixteen x sixteen pixels.

These icons come with an extra positive operating in their particular favour, which is their illustrative and also looks. Getting some of these in strategic situation all through your software package lends you a incredibly methodical as well as complete appearance. Obtaining all these ready made designs help you pay attention to creating the actual back end of your program, and thus likewise helps you save the actual extended stays you would usually be required to invest in growing these types of images one after the other. The pictures are present in 2 versions of colour level, 256 colours plus 32 bit colors.

The years have proven the better of apps possess a basic layout and so are easy to navigate through; needless to say functionalities perform an important role within itself. Avoid the problems belonging to the monotonous formulation of all the images, purchase them here and even help save enormous amount of time to pay attention to developing the actual back-end. It is a mixture of colors along with remarkably detailed images are usually their particular greatest Usp, with such increases the software a smooth and trendy appearance, which makes the actual software look professional.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 40x40, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 310
  • Price: $69.00

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    About Business Software Icon Pack

    Business Software Icon Pack will be a perfect solution for any bookkeeping or accounting software. It provides an impressive collection of icons enough to encompass the whole world of finance. The icon set depicts various matters one way or another related to commerce, such as money, transport, making of reports and other documents, merchandise, accountancy and some others. If you want to quickly design a convenient and attractive interface for your accounting program or create an eye-candy commerce site, then Business Software Icon Pack is at your service.

    In the world of numbers, the price of being inaccurate due to some inconvenience can bring serious consequences. Such a thing won't happen if your accounting program uses Business Software Icon Pack. These well-rounded and sleek icons are crafted in modern style which makes the program interface look very familiar and comfortable, so you won't get confused. The set is available in 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256 sizes both in 256 colors and True Color with semi-transparency. It can be delivered in ICO, PNG, GIF or BMP formats. Choose Business Software Icon Pack and it'll make the interface of your project as good as gold!

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