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Black Toolbar Icon Pack

black toolbar icon pack

A set of black icons for any toolbar

Black Toolbar Icon Pack might not be the most exciting icons available, but we've infused ours with an attractive and clever design that you and your users will love. Fill your toolbar with the right symbols for a better chance at success.

black toolbar icon pack - setup, wi-fi router, binoculars, rotate 3d, rotate 3d back, pointing right, pointing left, pointing up, pointing down, cursor arrow, cursor drag arrow, cursor v split, cursor h split, collapse, constraints, synchronize, arrow down-left, arrow up-left, arrow up-right, arrow down-right, webcam, multimedia, cinema, movie trailer, exclamation, message attention, broom, refresh key, typewriter, notepad icon
black toolbar icon pack - numbered list, list bullets, export, import, import doc, export doc, easel, book of record, e-books, account card, stamp, antivirus, swords, audit, log, finger-print, hotel stars, doghouse, synagogue, buddhist temple, bridge, wall, upstairs, downstairs, dollar coin, coin, euro coin, yen coin, pound coin, yuan coin icon
black toolbar icon pack - coins, conversion of currency, bank account, gold bar, crystal, bookkeeping, cash register, awards, medal, advertising, ads, loading throbber, time machine, transport, paper airplane, parachute, space station, space shuttle, star wars, sail, app window, close window, expand window, sim card, phone settings, microprocessor, chip, ringtone, music notation, playlist icon
black toolbar icon pack - audio converter, music converter, mp3 player, piano, violin, saxophone, tuning fork, christmas bell, cassette, tape, music disk, hard disk, podcast, radio bug, air signal, wireless signal, usb, flash drive, site map, network connection, whirl, weathercock, nick, ok smile, mask, theater symbol, balloon, sms, postage stamp, youtube icon
black toolbar icon pack - digg, wordpress, drive download, drive upload, download, upload, gateway, datasheet, 2x2 grid, 3x3 grid, measure, measure units, premium, dating, freebsd, electric power, plug, disconnect, connect, socket, wall fixture, illuminant, dashboard, www, internet explorer, java, agriculture, wheet, tulip, flowers icon
black toolbar icon pack - pot flower, zoo, evernote, fish skeleton, spider web, cutter, weapon, sword, bow, fishing, nuclear explosion, exception, explosive, horseshoe magnet, math, medical star, pharmacy check, medkit, condom, medical hammer, scalpel, paste, mortuary, iv bag, bandage, emergency helicopter, clamp, blood pressure, grave, cementary icon
black toolbar icon pack - bone, bones, hollywood smile, bandaid, plaster, adult content, parental control, erotic, sexy girl, kamasutra, couple, restrooms, karate, runner, barbell, crown, joystick, diamonds card, clubs card, hearts card, spades card, fork, chinese food, chicken leg, sausage, macburger, hamburger, bread, ice-cream, egg icon
black toolbar icon pack - lollipop, watermelon piece, grapes, mortar, wine bottle, coctail, syrup, plumbing, hook, aladdin lamp, clothes, hanger, cap, hat, socks, high boot, shoe, boot, bikini, bra, briefs, blouse, coat, underpants, dress, jacket, suit, t-shirt, trousers, tie icon
black toolbar icon pack - shapes, spiral, cube, piramid, ghost, pokemon, santa claus, vampire, cartoon, organization, fill, color icon

Icon images:

Setup, Wi-fi router, Binoculars, Rotate 3d, Rotate 3d back, Pointing right, Pointing left, Pointing up, Pointing down, Cursor arrow, Cursor drag arrow, Cursor V split, Cursor H split, Collapse, Constraints, Synchronize, Arrow down-left, Arrow up-left, Arrow up-right, Arrow down-right, Webcam, Multimedia, Cinema, Movie trailer, Exclamation, Message attention, Broom, Refresh key, Typewriter, Notepad, Numbered list, List bullets, Export, Import, Import doc, Export doc, Easel, Book of record, E-books, Account card, Stamp, Antivirus, Swords, Audit, Log, Finger-print, Hotel stars, Doghouse, Synagogue, Buddhist temple, Bridge, Wall, Upstairs, Downstairs, Dollar coin, Coin, Euro coin, Yen coin, Pound coin, Yuan coin, Coins, Conversion of currency, Bank account, Gold bar, Crystal, Bookkeeping, Cash register, Awards, Medal, Advertising, Ads, Loading throbber, Time machine, Transport, Paper airplane, Parachute, Space station, Space shuttle, Star wars, Sail, App window, Close window, Expand window, SIM card, Phone settings, Microprocessor, Chip, Ringtone, Music notation, Playlist, Audio converter, Music converter, Mp3 player, Piano, Violin, Saxophone, Tuning fork, Christmas bell, Cassette, Tape, Music disk, Hard disk, Podcast, Radio bug, Air signal, Wireless signal, USB, Flash drive, Site Map, Network connection, Whirl, Weathercock, Nick, OK smile, Mask, Theater symbol, Balloon, SMS, Postage Stamp, Youtube, Digg, Wordpress, Drive Download, Drive Upload, Download, Upload, Gateway, Datasheet, 2x2 grid, 3x3 grid, Measure, Measure units, Premium, Dating, FreeBSD, Electric power, Plug, Disconnect, Connect, Socket, Wall fixture, Illuminant, Dashboard, Www, Internet explorer, Java, Agriculture, Wheet, Tulip, Flowers, Pot flower, Zoo, Evernote, Fish skeleton, Spider web, Cutter, Weapon, Sword, Bow, Fishing, Nuclear explosion, Exception, Explosive, Horseshoe magnet, Math, Medical star, Pharmacy check, Medkit, Condom, Medical hammer, Scalpel, Paste, Mortuary, IV bag, Bandage, Emergency helicopter, Clamp, Blood pressure, Grave, Cementary, Bone, Bones, Hollywood smile, Bandaid, Plaster, Adult content, Parental control, Erotic, Sexy girl, Kamasutra, Couple, Restrooms, Karate, Runner, Barbell, Crown, Joystick, Diamonds card, Clubs card, Hearts card, Spades card, Fork, Chinese food, Chicken leg, Sausage, Macburger, Hamburger, Bread, Ice-cream, Egg, Lollipop, Watermelon piece, Grapes, Mortar, Wine bottle, Coctail, Syrup, Plumbing, Hook, Aladdin lamp, Clothes, Hanger, Cap, Hat, Socks, High boot, Shoe, Boot, Bikini, Bra, Briefs, Blouse, Coat, Underpants, Dress, Jacket, Suit, T-shirt, Trousers, Tie, Shapes, Spiral, Cube, Piramid, Ghost, Pokemon, Santa Claus, Vampire, Cartoon, Organization, Fill, Color

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Complement your softwares considering the snazziest of icons

Get hold of some of out of this world icons produced by professionals. When using the perfect combined color mixture plus graphic information, these kinds of symbols have the capability to lend an extra benefit to the software package in relation to Microsoft Windows Phone 7 main system.

When you find yourself creating an software on the list of most common problems that you may encounter is that of acquiring the correct type of visuals to lend a cloak of overall look to it. For this specific purpose you might need best visuals as well as designs which are synchronized together with the back end in addition to the interface, which because you effectively realize is challenging to realize.

It will take hours of detail work to draw and complete I photo, so when you'll need many hundreds of this kind of visuals the actual pure moment forced to accomplish the task can be huge, so much so which the moment a person finalise them and they are ready to add them, the software could have dropped a bit of if not completely of their appeal. That's the reason the reason why the very best of web developers are currently checking out these types of pre-developed in a position to set up designs that you can conveniently incorporate from your software package.

Anyone can safely and securely focus on the back-end of your software using these convenient icons. Accessible in the PNG data format, the dimensions of all of these icons are usually forty eight by forty eight pixels in conjunction with interior images which have been placed in the heart of the 26 by twenty-six pixels sq. The snazzy method of the actual representation for these ensures they are extremely interactive and simple to discover, even while creating the software package simple to use it gives the customer a sense of comfort. These types of icons are specially suitable for your own Microsoft Windows 8 operating system along with WP7 and are available in a pair of 823 one of a kind images which may be, as mentioned earlier, prepared to be included in the application. The most effective aspect have to be the extensive ranges of colours these come in, you will get all of these incredible symbols in as much as fourteen colorations along with red, blue, green and also the more unusual silver and grey, also, the traditional grayscale.

Anything that you need for any mobile Phone organizer is definitely on this site. Through this set up you'll find symbols for almost any normal device you may find upon the desktop, for example folder, open message, hyperlink etc., over these you can find a lot of previously un-conceived along with seldom used pictures, like a turtle icon as well as a bird symbol. One among my favourite is really a image of the small entrance having an arrow directed inwards which may be used to signify a sign in, as well as a similar image along with the arrow pointing outwards implying a logout. 823 of those basic and detailed pictures are ready to be applied, all you need to do is always to is to purchase them right here, down load and then you're ready to utilize those to your benefit. Always keeping this simple even though edging in the direction of that further little bit of niftiness is the call of your day, exactly why recommend a unexciting and complicated app when you are able get this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 40x40, 48x48, 64x64 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 252
  • Price: $49.95

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    About Black Toolbar Icon Pack

    Sometimes, the best icons can seem to go unnoticed by users, as their intuitive connection with a certain function or option makes for a fluid user experience. Our generic toolbar icon set easily achieves these goals, yet the smooth styling and modern feel associated with each graphic is bound to draw attention and please the eyes. Our generic icons are a perfect tool to keep in any application development toolbox.

    Our collection of Black Toolbar Icon Pack manages to illustrate the basic functions associated with a program toolbar without being boring or repetitive. Simple functions such as save, open, search, delete, filter, and error are all available, as are less popular icons like a police officer, phone and camera equipment, and several money-related graphics. For a wide variety of applications, this generic icon set will provide the full range of icons needed for the toolbar, covering even the occasional special request or innovative function. Having a complete set of icons available and knowing that the same visual aspect will carry through each piece and make the toolbar look polished and whole, developers can focus on completing their applications.

    Bright, attractive colors blend with an intelligent use of light and shadow to produce an instantly appealing series, while a professional and refined idea of how to present all of the icons as a group keeps the collection together. From arrows to sheets of paper, shopping baskets to folder illustrations, every element of these basic icons has been created with a masterful talent that will bring quality to your project every time it's used.

    These Black Toolbar Icon Pack come in a variety of transparencies and sizes (from 16 x 16 to 64 x 64 pixels), allowing for the perfect functionality and placement in any setting. You can also choose from four different image formats: ICO, BMP and PNG. For every project on your development list, this set is an unbeatable asset.