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Audio Toolbar Icon Pack

audio toolbar icon pack

A cool-looking icon collection for music apps

Audio Toolbar Icon Pack is a large collection of music- and audio-related icons created by professional artists. The collection covers such popular topics as multimedia management and playback, conversion, disk burning, music notation and more!

audio toolbar icon pack - music note, music notes, loud speaker, music, sound, no sound, mute, midi, piano, cd, dvd, burn cd, sound tracks, music collection, songs, cd-rom drive, convert sound, audio converter, music converter, ac ammeter, dc ammeter, amperemeter, gauge, microchip, mobile phone, phone, phones, call, cable, wire icon
audio toolbar icon pack - bell, tuner, juke box, alarm, film, movie, video, frame, frames, webcam, favourites, gold star, love, mouth, equalizer, battery, energy, enable, disable, stop, rewind, record, previous, play, pause, next, last, forward, first, playback icon
audio toolbar icon pack - eject, play button, fast back, fast forward, wi-fi, wireless, broadcast, firewire, bluetooth, save, usb drive, headphones, microphone, forum, speaker, receptionist, musician, fool, speech, ok smile, holiday, metronome, stethoscope, graph, gear, screwdriver, options, mosquito, radio transmitter, signal strength icon
audio toolbar icon pack - telecom, radar, music basket, copyright icon

Icon images:

Music note, Music notes, Loud speaker, Music, Sound, No sound, Mute, Midi, Piano, CD, DVD, Burn CD, Sound tracks, Music collection, Songs, CD-ROM drive, Convert sound, Audio converter, Music converter, AC ammeter, DC ammeter, Amperemeter, Gauge, Microchip, Mobile phone, Phone, Phones, Call, Cable, Wire, Bell, Tuner, Juke box, Alarm, Film, Movie, Video, Frame, Frames, Webcam, Favourites, Gold star, Love, Mouth, Equalizer, Battery, Energy, Enable, Disable, Stop, Rewind, Record, Previous, Play, Pause, Next, Last, Forward, First, Playback, Eject, Play button, Fast back, Fast forward, Wi-Fi, Wireless, Broadcast, Firewire, Bluetooth, Save, USB drive, Headphones, Microphone, Forum, Speaker, Receptionist, Musician, Fool, Speech, OK smile, Holiday, Metronome, Stethoscope, Graph, Gear, Screwdriver, Options, Mosquito, Radio transmitter, Signal strength, Telecom, Radar, Music basket, Copyright

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Get hold of a few out of this world designs made by professionals. Using the proper mix of coloring blend as well as graphic content, these icons have the capability to loan another edge to the app based on MS Windows Phone 7 operating system.

If you are making an software among the most typical conditions that you could encounter is that of receiving the right kind of artwork to give an air of visual appeal with it. For this function you might need great images together with icons which can be synchronized with all the back end as well as the gui, which usually as you may properly understand is actually difficult to obtain.

It requires time of detail work to draw and complete one photo, and when you require numerous these kinds of visuals the particular utter moment required to get the job done will be enormous, so much so which by the time anyone finalise these and so are wanting to add these, the actual software package can have lost a bit of if not all of its appeal. That's the reason exactly why the best of computer programmers are generally turning to all these pre-developed equipped to use designs that you could readily integrate from your application.

Anyone can safely concentrate on the back end of the application with such user-friendly and uncomplicated symbols. Available in the particular PNG format, the figures on these types of designs tend to be forty-eight by forty eight pixels alongside inner images that are placed in the particular centre of your twenty-six by twenty-six pixels sq. The snazzy method of the particular representation of such makes them really fun and easy to understand, when helping to make the application user-friendly and uncomplicated it provides the person a feel of ease and comfort. These types of symbols are particularly works with the Windows 8 operating system along with WP7 and come inside a group of 823 unique artwork that are, as said before, ready to be added to the application. The most effective characteristic would need to be the large degrees of hues they are available in, you may get these remarkable designs in as many as fourteen colours along with red, blue, green plus the much more uncommon silver along with grey, and the standard white or black.

Something that you might want for your mobile Phone organizer is definitely on this site. In this particular set up you can find designs for virtually every normal tool you will probably find upon your desktop, like file, open message, link etc., a lot more than these you have access to a lot of formerly un-conceived in addition to unused pictures, such as a turtle icon as well as a bird icon. Among the best is a photo of a tiny entry having an arrow directed inwards which may be utilized to signify a sign in, and also a similar image with the arrow directed outwards implying a logout. 823 of such simple and descriptive photos are ready to be applied, everything you need to do would be to is to purchase these over here, down load and you are ready to work with these to your advantage. Always keeping this uncomplicated even while edging in direction of that further bit of niftiness is the call of the day, exactly why submit a boring and complex software whenever you can have it.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 94
  • Price: $99.95

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    About Audio Toolbar Icon Pack

    If you are working on an interface for a sound- or music-related application or website, or creating a template for one, you will most probably need a set of UI icons to decorate it, make it easier to navigate and, of course, create a style that will clearly and unambiguously reflect the purpose of the product. If time is not something you have in excess, you should definitely consider using ready icon sets that will give your masterpiece a finished look and will help users to utilize its potential to the fullest. No matter what project you are working on, if it has anything to do with music, sound and audio technologies, Audio Toolbar Icon Pack will help immensely in making it look right!

    Audio Toolbar Icon Pack is a large collection of music- and audio-related icons created by professional artists. Each icon comes in a number of resolutions for different areas of application (48*48, 32*32, 24*24, 20*20 and even 16*16 pixels), graphic formats (PNG, GIF, ICO and BMP) and states (disables, normal and highlighted). This means that every item can be used right "out of the box" and will not need any modifications. The collection covers such popular topics as multimedia management and playback, conversion of music files, disk burning, connectivity, music notation and more! This icon set will be a perfect choice for developers of multimedia software, players, music catalogs, converters, radio stations and many other categories of users in need of a high-quality interface and facing a serious time shortage. All the icons were scrupulously handcrafted by professional digital artists of Aha-Soft, a renowned expert in the area of interface design and usability. The collection will save your time and elevate the visual quality of your application to a whole new level.

    If you have been on the look for an icon collection for your current music-related project, Audio Toolbar Icon Pack will provide everything necessary to make it stand out from the crowd!