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Application Toolbar Icon Pack

application toolbar icon pack

Application Toolbar Icon Pack for developers

With the help of Application Toolbar Icon Pack you will be able to give your application a unique look and make customers recognize it. This set includes icons in normal, highlighted and disabled states.

application toolbar icon pack - open, new folder, save, save all, print, cut, copy, paste, preview, edit, close document, about, import, export, list, reports, support, mail, find, search, function, options, help, warning, hint, alarm, dollar, globe, redo, undo icon
application toolbar icon pack - left, right, up, down, refresh, update, start, run, back, ok, add, delete, stop, lock, unlock, secured, home, exit, credit cards, user, meeting, user group, trailer, image, book, slideshow, replace, bar chart, wizard, language icon
application toolbar icon pack - cat icon

Icon images:

Open, New folder, Save, Save all, Print, Cut, Copy, Paste, Preview, Edit, Close document, About, Import, Export, List, Reports, Support, Mail, Find, Search, Function, Options, Help, Warning, Hint, Alarm, Dollar, Globe, Redo, Undo, Left, Right, Up, Down, Refresh, Update, Start, Run, Back, OK, Add, Delete, Stop, Lock, Unlock, Secured, Home, Exit, Credit cards, User, Meeting, User group, Trailer, Image, Book, Slideshow, Replace, Bar chart, Wizard, Language, Cat

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Perk up Your Own Apps with one of These Free of Charge Microsoft Windows Metro Icons

Find the ideal designs for the Windows mobile and also complement your tools with a selection of these stunning designs to help make your components look much more snazzy. The best part is, that every one of them one hundred thirty five icons are provided totally free, at this time there ain’t much more you are able to demand now, are you able to. Continue reading to recognise alot more.

Making the tools appear neat plus stylish wasn't this uncomplicated. Many people turn out giving up the navigation and also features when planning to bring that extra quantity of niftiness, but that all shifts when you make use of the fresh Windows Metro symbols.

A few information about those to start with- the icons have got a dimensions of 48 by forty eight pixels, that features a group along with an image of dimension 26 by twenty-six pixels centred inside. These kinds of PNG data files possess a clear background, and might be uploaded without or with the particular circles. Accessible in black and white hues, they can be appropriate for MS Windows mobile in addition to Microsoft Windows 8 operating-system.

By utilizing these kinds of symbols on your jobs you can make sure the improved amount of interaction for that software. Straightforward, being descriptive nevertheless good to look at, they have absolutely every little thing looking for on their own. You could artistically stick them in just the best places and escape the effort of producing several lines of program code whilst evading the litter it may well usually result in, and the best part is perhaps you can attain and utilize them totally free.

Be it for the music player, or maybe a brand new image for the trash can, the latest folder icon, or simply something totally new to replace the nice old clear tab, this can be filled with unique icons for everything you most likely look into. The actual 135 icons protected during this set, include every fathomable requirement you'll have as far as illustrations or photos for apps is likely to be troubled. It's about time to come back to to be a indigenous and also turning to using of images once more, because they’ll help to make utilizing your software program much fun that you might under no circumstances choose to go back to all those tedious connects anymore. Instead of developing these kinds of icons for require, they have been built from for that sheer wish to be creative. Much more than what you might require, these include designs you might need to develop a need for.

These icons, as I have said in the past, are works with your Microsoft Windows 8 systems plus your Microsoft Windows phone. Keep it simple, ensure that it stays trendy, keep it snazzy to make utilities and also interfaces active. Knowledge states that individuals have an understanding of one shot superior to one thousand words, and also every little thing lies in the information. Through the use of all these you’ll in no way fall short of profile, amaze individuals by allowing these to look at areas in a new way, everything that and much more is possible easily if you are employing our preferred icons. Take a look, trust me, an individual wouldn’t must search long for places where you can fit them it.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 61
  • Price: $49.95

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    About Application Toolbar Icon Pack

    Each software developer wants his application to be unique and easily recognized by customers. To achieve that, creating a set of handy functions and features is usually not enough. You will also need to consider creating an original graphic interface, which will allow users easily navigate inside the program. The main part of any GUI is a toolbar, which contains numerous compact icons for commonly used functions and tools.

    Application Toolbar Icon Pack collection is just what you were waiting for. This set delivers a number of fresh and stylish icons for your toolbar at a reasonable price. All images in that set come in four file formats, including PNG, GIF, BMP and ICO, allowing you to use them for Web-design and on different platforms. Two color formats are provided: 256 color mode and 32-bit color. The icons have three states, normal, highlighted and disabled, to make your toolbar even more convenient to use. Provided sizes are 48x48, 32x32, 24x24 and 16x16 pixels. Even the tiniest sizes have perfectly rounded edges and bright, contrasting colors, which will look good on any background.

    Toolbar Icons offers a huge selection of toolbar icons to Windows developers and webmasters. A wide variety of individual icons and icon collections are available at bargain basement prices. All icons are appropriately tagged, making it easy to find exactly what you need. Toolbar Icons is a perfect opportunity to cut down the costs of graphic design and release the project sooner by using readily available stock icons.

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    It has 27303 images in 125 icon collections. Those are unique images, file formats, sizes and states are not counted.