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3d Glossy Icon Pack

3d glossy icon pack

3d Glossy Icon Pack professional icon toolkit!

3d Glossy Icon Pack delivers professionally created icons which will deliver a great look and feel to any website., application or business presentation. Available in sizes 16x16 thru' 64x64, and in ICO, BMP, GIF and PNG file formats and for just $99.95!

3d glossy icon pack - undo, redo, refresh, update, save, view, search, ok, apply, create, add, remove, plus, minus, delete, cancel, no, close, erase, warning, problem, attention, error, abort, stop, turn off, danger, no entry, down, up icon
3d glossy icon pack - back, forward, move, sync, circulation, question, help, help-book, hint, information, info, about, tasks, inventory, text, books, e-mail, mail, forum, repair, calendar, clock, timer, time, history, schedule, dollar, pound sterling, euro, price list icon
3d glossy icon pack - sum, red percent, lock, key, shield, star, hit-parade, atomic, new, smile, android, apple, first track, last track, previous track, next track, pause track, play track, stop track, record sound, eject, settings, application, resources, pie-chart, flow-block, first aid, favorites, dating, compas icon
3d glossy icon pack - gauge, color-palette, food, home, city, megalopolis, building, buildings, industry, factory, plant, multi-storey buildings, warehouse, company, facade, hospital, bank, commercial building, castle, mosque, church, pagoda, government, museum, stone house, wooden house, igloo, apartment, tree, coconut tree icon
3d glossy icon pack - travel icon

Icon images:

Undo, Redo, Refresh, Update, Save, View, Search, OK, Apply, Create, Add, Remove, Plus, Minus, Delete, Cancel, No, Close, Erase, Warning, Problem, Attention, Error, Abort, Stop, Turn off, Danger, No entry, Down, Up, Back, Forward, Move, Sync, Circulation, Question, Help, Help-book, Hint, Information, Info, About, Tasks, Inventory, Text, Books, E-mail, Mail, Forum, Repair, Calendar, Clock, Timer, Time, History, Schedule, Dollar, Pound sterling, Euro, Price list, Sum, Red percent, Lock, Key, Shield, Star, Hit-parade, Atomic, New, Smile, Android, Apple, First track, Last track, Previous track, Next track, Pause track, Play track, Stop track, Record sound, Eject, Settings, Application, Resources, Pie-chart, Flow-block, First aid, Favorites, Dating, Compas, Gauge, Color-palette, Food, Home, City, Megalopolis, Building, Buildings, Industry, Factory, Plant, Multi-storey buildings, Warehouse, Company, Facade, Hospital, Bank, Commercial building, Castle, Mosque, Church, Pagoda, Government, Museum, Stone house, Wooden house, Igloo, Apartment, Tree, Coconut tree, Travel

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Complement your own software packages when using the snazziest of icons

Get hold of a collection of super cool designs developed by experts. While using perfect mix of coloring collaboration along with graphic information, these kinds of icons have the capability to provide any supplement advantage for your application based upon Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating-system.

If you are making an software package one of many most basic issues that you could stumble upon is the one about receiving the right kind of images to provide an aura of overall look to it. For this purpose you're looking for fantastic illustrations or photos together with designs which are in sync while using the back end together with the interface, which often as you may perfectly recognize is tough to achieve.

You will need hours of detail work to sketch plus finalise a image, and when you need 100s of these images the actual sheer period required to accomplish the task will be big, a case in point that by the time you actually complete these and are wanting to include all of them, the particular software package can have lost a handful of if not all of the charm. That is the reason the key reason why the best of computer programmers are now looking towards these kind of pre-developed ready to utilize designs that you could readily add in the software package.

Anyone can safely focus on the back end of the computer software with one of these convenient to use designs. Obtainable in the particular PNG data formatting, the figures on all of these icons are usually forty eight by 48 pixels along with inside illustrations or photos that happen to be set in the actual centre of the twenty six by twenty-six pixels sq. The snazzy manner of the particular representation of such ensures they are quite fun and simple to discover, whilst helping to make the software simple to use it provides customer an understanding of ease. Most of these symbols are specifically appropriate for your Windows 8 os and also WP7 and come inside a group of 823 completely unique images which can be, as mentioned earlier, all set to be contributed to the application. The right aspect must be the huge amounts of colours they come in, you obtain all these astounding symbols in up to fourteen hues including red, blue, green plus the a lot more unusual silver and also grey, along with the traditional black or white.

Something that you might need for the mobile coordinator is actually right here. Through this set you can get designs for almost any normal instrument you will probably find on your own computer's desktop, just like file, open message, hyperlink etcetera., above a lot of these you have access to several previously un-conceived as well as untouched pictures, for example a turtle symbol or a bird symbol. One among the best is actually a image of the compact front door with an arrow pointing inwards that could be used to mean a sign in, and also a very similar image along with the arrow directed in an outward direction hinting a logout. 823 of these simple and descriptive pictures will be ready to be utilized, all you have to do should be to is to purchase them right here, download and you are ready to use those to your advantage. Attempting to keep this easy even while edging in direction of that extra bit of niftiness may be the call of the day, so why put forward a lusterless and complicated application when you might get this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 121
  • Price: $99.95

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    About 3d Glossy Icon Pack

    3d Glossy Icon Pack provides a toolkit of professionally designed icons suitable for use on your website, application or range of business presentation documents, including Microsoft Office presentations using Excel, Word and PowerPoint. For just $99.95, you can download the complete icon toolkit of 3d Glossy Icon Pack which are ready for immediate use and will form the perfect foundation for your icon library as a professional designer.

    Save time and money by re-using great looking icons which come in a variety of formats including Portable Network Graphics (PNG), Microsoft (ICO) and Bitmap (BMP). 3d Glossy Icon Pack also come in a range of sizes from 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 64x64. In addition they also come in 256 and true color variants and are available as normal, hot and disabled states to provide excellent user-experience of the status of your website functionality or application status.

    The background is transparent and the 3D Glossy Icon toolkit delivers 118 individual and unique designs at your disposal. 3d Glossy Icon Pack provide a professional look to any presentation or website and they can be integrated in minutes with any design - imagine how much time your development team will save having a ready-to-use set of professionally designed icons! A one-time purchase also removes any copyright issues with using a similar or identical icon design to those which are already widely available on the market - we certify that these icons are unique and are licensed to you to use on an unlimited use basis.

    Now you can incorporate icons into your designs with ease and because they are professionally designed, you will not encounter many of the common issues with icon design which can render a site ugly or unprofessional, such as pixilation or blurring caused by enlarging an icon. 3d Glossy Icon Pack will also look great when they are printed out, rendering a smooth, sharp image - buy today and enjoy the great look of your website or application!