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3d Business Icon Pack

3d business icon pack

3d Business Icon Pack for your sites and software

3d Business Icon Pack will add a new dimension to your Web sites and software projects. This icon set contains images in sizes 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128, 256x256 and 512x512 pixels, all hand-crafted by professional graphic designers.

3d business icon pack - business, business sh, businessman, businessman sh, boss, boss sh, client list, client list sh, customers, customers sh, spy, spy sh, motor mechanic, motor mechanic sh, guard, guard sh, doctor, doctor sh, dollar, dollar sh, investment, investment sh, coins, coins sh, cash icon
3d business icon pack - cash sh, income, income sh, bank, bank sh, bank service, bank service sh, earnings, earnings sh, invoice, invoice sh, purchase, purchase sh, credit, credit sh, atm, atm  sh, brief case, brief case sh, calculator, calculator sh, card file, card file sh, calendar, calendar sh icon
3d business icon pack - tasks, tasks sh, cash register, cash register sh, safe, safe sh, insurance, insurance sh, company, company sh, hospital, hospital sh, home, home sh, chemical industry, chemical industry sh, research, research sh, delivery, delivery sh, taxi, taxi sh, cargo, cargo sh, ship icon
3d business icon pack - ship sh, boat, boat sh, airplane, airplane sh, freight carrier, freight carrier sh, small aircraft, small aircraft sh, ecology, ecology sh, travel, travel sh, gear, gear sh, globe, globe sh, vat, vat sh, good mark, good mark sh, handshake, handshake sh, wow effect, wow effect sh icon
3d business icon pack - contact, contact sh, mobile phone, mobile phone sh, news, news sh, ship to, ship to sh, bill to, bill to sh, weight, weight sh, product, product sh, gun, gun sh, weapon, weapon sh, mission, mission sh, advertising, advertising sh, medicine, medicine sh, first aid icon
3d business icon pack - first aid sh, fire, fire sh, competitor, competitor sh, satellite tv, satellite tv sh, industry icon

Icon images:

Business, Business SH, Businessman, Businessman SH, Boss, Boss SH, Client list, Client list SH, Customers, Customers SH, Spy, Spy SH, Motor mechanic, Motor mechanic SH, Guard, Guard SH, Doctor, Doctor SH, Dollar, Dollar SH, Investment, Investment SH, Coins, Coins SH, Cash, Cash SH, Income, Income SH, Bank, Bank SH, Bank service, Bank service SH, Earnings, Earnings SH, Invoice, Invoice SH, Purchase, Purchase SH, Credit, Credit SH, ATM, ATM SH, Brief case, Brief case SH, Calculator, Calculator SH, Card file, Card file SH, Calendar, Calendar SH, Tasks, Tasks SH, Cash register, Cash register SH, Safe, Safe SH, Insurance, Insurance SH, Company, Company SH, Hospital, Hospital SH, Home, Home SH, Chemical industry, Chemical industry SH, Research, Research SH, Delivery, Delivery SH, Taxi, Taxi SH, Cargo, Cargo SH, Ship, Ship SH, Boat, Boat SH, Airplane, Airplane SH, Freight carrier, Freight carrier SH, Small aircraft, Small aircraft SH, Ecology, Ecology SH, Travel, Travel SH, Gear, Gear SH, Globe, Globe SH, VAT, VAT SH, Good mark, Good mark SH, Handshake, Handshake SH, Wow effect, Wow effect SH, Contact, Contact SH, Mobile phone, Mobile phone SH, News, News SH, Ship to, Ship to SH, Bill to, Bill to SH, Weight, Weight SH, Product, Product SH, Gun, Gun SH, Weapon, Weapon SH, Mission, Mission SH, Advertising, Advertising SH, Medicine, Medicine SH, First aid, First aid SH, Fire, Fire SH, Competitor, Competitor SH, Satellite TV, Satellite TV SH, Industry

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Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, BMP, 3D Max
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 133
  • Price: 99.95

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    About 3d Business Icon Pack

    3d Business Icon Pack will add a new dimension to any of your Web sites and software projects. This icon set contains images in sizes 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128, 256x256 and 512x512 pixels. All the images are hand-crafted by professional graphic designers and present smooth, well-rounded edges. The file formats provided are ICO, BMP and PNG with a transparent background.

    This icon set depicts all the business-related objects, activities and concepts, such as Dollar, Invoice, Bank service, Client list, Calendars, Customers, Income, Company, Cash register, Delivery, Mobile phone, News, Businessman, Coins and more. All the provided images are royalty-free and can be instantly downloaded after your purchase.

    If you are in need of 3D source files for this collection, those are also available for purchase. The images are provided in 3D Max format. Please contact us for price and additional details.

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    Business icons are ready to download at http://www.business-icons.com/

    We were inspired to compile the ultimate compilation of 3d business icons to make developing commercial applications and web sites fast and easy. You will see all of the best icons ever made at a cheap price. Make you business be effective!

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    In comparison to Apples iPhone, the Android interaction design guidelines are far from being extensive nor are they as regimental. Androids guidelines are comprehensive and clear enough...